Welcome to EJS Ranch home of Justin, Ronda, Evelyn and Justin Jr. Sabio. EJS Ranch is nestled outside a little town in Boyd, Texas. Our Ranch was founded in the spring 2014 when we purchased the property as a hobby that included 2 longhorns. The ranch is named after our 2 children Evelyn and Justin Jr. We are a small ranch nested within 3000+ acres of farmland. We sold the 2 longhorns that came with the property and purchased our first show cow in the fall of 2014 a pregnant black longhorn who ended up having a beautiful black and white heifer in the spring of 2015. This is when Evelyn started showing interest. She insisted we send her to “cow camp”. After some research we ended up sending her to McPeak’s Be A Champ Show Cattle and Lamb Camp in the summer of 2015. This is where the passion took root and then her dad started researching everything there is to know about longhorns. We had some help along the way with amazing breeders introducing us to showing longhorns and the amazing scholarship opportunities the breed had available for youth at the time. Our first show experience was at the Holiday Extravaganza in Decatur, Texas put on by the NTLBA in December of 2015. Evelyn showed 1 heifer. The next year in the spring of 2016 was Justin Jr’s first show at the Rockdale Spring show.  Fast forward to 2022 and we now have well over 40 head consisting of 2 senior herd sires, 2 junior herd sires and several mamas who have won champion titles on both the TLBAA and ITLA show circuits. We also enjoy attending and participating in futurities and sales. Along with selling cattle, we also offer AI services (Justin is AI certified and has had great success); hoof trimming and consultations. Our daughter Evelyn also offers halter breaking services. We always welcome visitors so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a visit.